BPA-free Plastic’s not safe… What???

On the heels of the article I posted regarding the safety of BPA-free plastics, I felt compelled to respond in some way… The overwhelming amount of information out there regarding how you should best protect yourself and your family from a world that will most certainly kill us/them, can be crippling. And here is yet another article to make us feel like shitty stewards of our own health.

We thought we were doing alright handing our BPA sippy cups to our kids, while slurping on our filtered tap water (because that bottled stuff isn’t any better and just ends up in landfills) in our reusable, BPA-free plastic canteen made from 80% post consumer recycled material. Then we wake up to read something telling us that we have it all wrong AGAIN!

It’s concerning…

It’s exhausting…

It’s defeating…

How the hell are we supposed to keep up with the “do this, not that,” “eat this, not that,” “think this, not that” and still keep our sanity in tact?!? I’ll tell you how… You can’t.

One of the things I like to start my classes off with is this. It is impossible to do it all. If you try to do it all, you will make yourself crazy and catapult yourself into a whirlpool of abysmal failure. You need to pick the battles you have the desire to fight and let the rest of the noise fall away. With that said, just because a lot of the things you will see coming from Non Toxic U are of the DIY (do it yourself) variety, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t another “plug and play” solution that might be right for you. I will do my best to include these options when posting about DIY recipes for various this and thats.

Back to plastic being bad, even the BPA-free kind. I personally cringe at the sight of all the plastic in my house. I often daydream about starring in my own reality show, where I remove all plastics from my home and see how well I can get on without them. It unalterably ends in a vision of me sitting alone in my house, on the floor, naked, with nothing but a ceramic pot and an old school washboard that I haul down to Los Gatos Creek to do my laundry with. Which brings me back to the naked part. F*ck that noise.

Since we all know plastic is a bad idea, I won’t belabor you with information on the many ways it destroys us. Instead, I will share a few ideas on how, in this particular instance, we can try to avoid using it… Simply Natural Mom has a great post that is far more well put together than anything I can do given my schedule so check it out here.

We personally drink out of glass at home, but I do still give the little man plastic cups once in a while. I am phasing them out, but it is damn expensive replacing these things, so it will remain a work in progress until the phase out has been completed. Also, if a straw is in order, I like to use stainless steel ones. I know they are not as easy as the single use straws, but since I drink things that are either fermented or have essential oils in them fairly frequently, I prefer that those chemicals from the plastic don’t leach into my sippage. For on the go occasions we like to use Klean Kanteens. They are durable and functional and the plastic used in the lids is BPA-free, but still plastic. The good news is that your liquid sits in the non plastic portion of the vessel for the most part. Always plan ahead and pack what you need, so you don’t have to stop and buy bottled water. At your own pace, start giving the plastic cups the boot. Eventually, when you’re 85, you will look around and see that all of the plastic cups are gone and your plastic dentures are soaking safely in a glass of water… Huh? That’s right. THERE’S NO ESCAPING IT!!!

Change your cups, or don’t change your cups. The choice is yours and I won’t judge either way. But if you microwave something in that plastic cup, just know that I will have to bitch slap you… In the most loving way possible.

Plastic Cup

Photo by zeevveez

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